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Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned aubsidiary of Adam Capital PLC. We are a part of Adam Group of Companies which is one of the oldest business conglomerates in Sri Lanka with a history over 135 years. The group is enriched with over 15 companies and one of the leading exporters of Tea, Spices, coconut based products, and Garments. Adam Investments PLC is an investment holdings company of the Group. AINV directors have expertise in the export and import trade in Sri Lanka through Adam Expo Group of companies which is managed by the same directors. AINV actively seeks investment in underperforming companies with a valuable asset base and in this line of thinking, they invested and took control of Adam Carbons PLC, formerly Bieco Link Carbons (Pvt) Ltd a manufacturer and exporter of Steam Processed Activated Carbon.

Bieco Link Carbons (Pvt) Ltd now rebranded as “Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd” is blessed with a new team of professionals including industry experts, process/production experts and a qualified management team.

After taking over business operations from Bieco Link Adam Carbons has strived to keep in place the infrastructure, processes, personnel and knowledge base that made Bieco Link a leading manufacturer and supplier of Activated Carbon globally for 27 years. It is the only factory having rotary kilns and vertical kilns for producing activated carbon together with a unique carbonizing system.

The recent changes have given us an opportunity to focus on developing a competitive advantage based on operational excellence, value addition, quality of service and the forging of long term relationships that are mutually rewarding.

Our vision and mission is focused on the 4 P's. Product, Process, People and Planet. We are one of the pioneers in Sri Lankan production of Activated Carbon using discarded coconut shells which are then converted into Activated Carbon using our revolutionary "pollution free" process. Our green process which uses recycled waste, repurposed waste heat generated during the process into energy and eliminates pollution to produce Activated Carbon of the highest quality demonstrates our commitment to people, the planet and to leaving a zero carbon footprint.

Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd continues to focus on its rapid growth strategy. We continue to focus on expanding our capacity and positioning our broad portfolio of products in emerging markets, niche high-end applications such as alternative energy storage and other specialised segments; we are setting up planning to consolidate our market position in key target applications and customer segments in the traditional developed markets.

Further to the growth opportunities for the Company’s core product portfolio of coconut shell carbon, we will ensure sustainable top and bottom line growth through the development of related services such as turnkey water purification systems, air purification, consumer goods and other value addition methods.

Ajita Pasqual.

Our Company

Adam Carbons is one of the largest manufacturers of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) and Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) from coconut shell and coconut shell charcoal in Sri Lanka, which has been in operation since 1989.

The Adam Carbons manufacturing plant is located at Giriulla, 65 kilometres from Colombo in the North Western province, at the southern end of the coconut triangle.

Adam Carbons production facility operates two vertical kilns & two rotary kilns, which has the capacity of producing approximately 6000 metric tons of activated carbon per year. Both these facilities of vertical & rotary technology together with the unique Carbonizers make the plant the only one in Sri Lanka with the ability to manufacture coconut shell carbon with full range pore structure. The company produces high quality coconut shell charcoal using its own Carbonizers.

carbon kilns

Our History

Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd is limited liability Company that was incorporated in Sri Lanka in 1987. The company was formerly known as Bieco Link Carbons Private Limited, which was a joint venture partnership with China Beijing Corporation for International Economic Co-operation in China, for manufacturing and export of Activated Carbon (AC).

Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of PCH Holdings Plc (PCHH) in May 2012. PCH Holdings Plc is a public company listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of approximately Rs. 560 million. In November 2014, ownership of PCH Holdings Plc changed hands to Adam Investments Plc, making Adam Carbons also a subsidiary Adam Investments Group. Subsequent to the acquisition both PCH Holdings PLC and Bieco Link Carbons (Pvt) Ltd was rebranded as “Adam Capital PLC” and “Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd” respectively.

Adam Investments Plc (AINV) is an investment holding company, incorporated in 2011 focuses on key growth industries that play a pivotal role in the country’s economy. The company commenced its business operations in January 2012 and which holds shares in public quoted companies as well as privately held companies operating in various industries such as apparel, information technology, automobile, FMCG, manufacturing and consumer electronics sectors.

Adam Investments Plc is a company related to one of the largest commodity processing & exporting giants and in Sri Lanka, Adam Expo and Spice of Life Plc. This group is a closely held family business entity that has been in the trade for over 180 years.

Production Facilities

Giriulla Factory

Adam Carbons operate two Vertical Kilns each with capacity 2000 MT & Two Rotary Kilns each with capacity 1800 MT of Activated Carbon per year and the both facility of Vertical & Rotary Technology making the plant to only one in the World able to manufacture Coconut Shell carbon with full range pore structure.

Adam Carbons’ strength lies in its ability to manufacture consistently high quality products with wide range of applications, Air Purification, Gold Recovery, Gas Purification, and Water Treatment. The pre and post processing systems are available to manufacture Special Products (Impregnated, Acid Wash) on request.

Production of activated carbon from coconut shell charcoal involves reaction between charcoal and steam at a temperature of around 900 C. the steam etches the rudimentary pore structure of the charcoal, improving it and making it more readily accessible for the absorption process. The method for doing this in the Adam Carbons production facility uses technology developed at the Guanghua Wood Working Factory in Beijing, where high quality activated carbon has been produced from a variety of raw materials for many years.

At Giriulla, the original two kilns consisting of a system of narrow vertical channels which allows steam to contact the charcoal at the required high temperature and simultaneously permit efficient heat recovery through combustion of gases produced by the steam/carbon reaction.

Prior to activation, coconut shell charcoal is crushed to the required size and loaded into the vertical channels. As the charcoal passes down the channels by gravity, it is first heated and then comes into contact with super-heated steam passing at right angles to it through specially shaped fire bricks. Residence time within the kiln is determined by the rate at which activated carbon is withdrawn from outlets at the bottom of the channels.


R & D

Quality control takes the foremost place at Adam Carbons. Our highly qualified and experienced laboratory staff work in a well-equipped laboratory to ensure the quality of our products.

Charcoal Producers are advised to maintain high quality of the raw materials

Every Load of coconut shell and coconut shell charcoal is tested and approved prior to unloading

The activation process is monitored continuously,and variables of the activation process are set accordingly, to ensure the required and uniform quality of the product.

Our R&D staff is currently engaged in developing new types of activated carbon and new applications. They are always willing to undertake the development of suitable activated carbons for our clients.