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Adam Carbon is Best Activated Carbon in Sri lanka
Adam Carbon specializes in high-quality activated carbons and activated carbon charcoal for a wide range of applications.

A premier Sri Lankan manufacturer and exporter of Coconut Shell Steam Activated Carbon, Activated Carbon Desiccants and Coconut Shell Charcoal.

A premier Sri Lankan manufacturer and exporter of Coconut Shell Steam Activated Carbon, Activated Carbon Desiccants and Coconut Shell Charcoal.


As a pioneer with an industry track record of over 30 years with exports to globally reputed buyers situated worldwide including in USA, Germany, Amsterdam, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, India and many more, we are committed to delivering the superior quality of our Sri Lankan Activated Carbon consistently, reliably and cost effectively whilst ensuring the best environmental practices through the recycling of coconut waste.

We are committed to using only 100% pure Sri Lankan Coconut Shell and Coconut Shell Charcoal in our production process, which due to the genetic make up of Sri Lankan Coconut Shell and the predominantly organic farming practices used in Sri Lanka, produce the highest quality of Activated Carbon which is naturally very low in Sulphur and Arsenic and high in its hardness value, which are all very desirable traits in multiple applications of Activated Carbon.


Formerly known as Bieco Link Carbons (pvt) Ltd and featured in Roskill – The Economics of activated carbon 04th edition. Our Factory is situated in the heart of Sri Lanka’s “Coconut Triangle” on a lush 13-acre property bordering thefresh waters of Sri Lanka’s “Maha Oya” river. at our inception, we were the only factory in Sri Lanka with both vertical and horizontal furnaces for activation.

Today our factory is home to arguably Sri Lanka’s largest single location Coconut Shell Charcoal manufacturing facility and a full spectrum, Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka approved, value addition plant.

In addition, and in keeping in line with our commitment to the environment and local community our factory boasts a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables such as Gooseberry, Avocado, Rambutan, Papaya, Belly fruit, Rose Apple, Mango, Ambun Banana, Red Banana, Sweet Banana, Sour Banana, Gray Banana, Tamarind, Jack Fruit, Wood Apples, Kiri Ala which we distribute free of charge to our staff and the surrounding local community

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being one of the oldest and only factories situated in the heart of the rural Sri Lankan town of Giriulla, we have intertwined and woven our success with the growth and development of our brothers and sisters in the surrounding communities. We provide direct and indirect employment to several rural communities through employment at our factory, through purchase of Waste Coconut Shell, Coconut Shell Charcoal and day to day supplies for our factory operations from the rural areas.

In addition, we support the local community through the free distributions of organic fruit and vegetables grown in our factory, by providing scholarships for school children, by distributing books and stationaries for the new school year for children in the immediate village community, by participating in and sponsoring local community celebrations and rituals.

We also regularly enrol interns from local universities in our operations to encourage industrial knowledge and entrepreneurship amongst youth in Sri Lanka.

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