We began our journey in 1986 as Beico Link Carbons (pvt) Ltd being the first and only factory in Sri Lanka to have vertical and horizontal furnace technology for the Activation of Carbon.

Initiated as a joint venture between the China Beijing Corporation (BIECO) of China and Link Engineering LTD of Sri Lanka, the company started production of super-heated steam manufactured Coconut Shell Activated Carbon using 100% pure Sri Lankan Coconut Shell with an exclusive European and United States sales and marketing arrangement with Carbon Link Ltd, of Wigan UK.

In 2014, after a change in ownership the company was rebranded as Adam Carbons Limited and since then year on year has invested in incorporating the latest technology into every division of the manufacturing process delivering excellence in quality and output at every stage.

Today, Adam Carbons Limited is one of the only factories in Sri Lanka to encompass the entire full spectrum of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon manufacturing in a single location, from Charcoal manufacturing, Charcoal processing, Activation, Size separation, Value addition and Laboratory facilities.